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The Art of Alcohol

Real ale and irreverent company

Trolls Bottom Bar

Prof-t's Intoxicating Tonics and Cure'alls

Professor T

Master mixologist Sue's hand crafted sipping' stuff

Spirits of England

Puddings for adults


Just Desserts

Real Ale

Real People

Quality is King, no need for a drama Queen

We take pride in our beers and ciders, so much so we havstood in front of 100+ Viking re-enactors and told them we were not happy with the beer & they would have to live on cider and mead at 02:00 the beer was ready,



Hand Crafted

We work with small batch production

Great care and consideration goes into selecting ingredient, its quality not price that counts. if we can't get the quality we insist on we would rather not do a production run, until we can guarantee that we have the best ingredients

Takes Years to Perfect

Laurie started concocting drinks for resale for the family pub business The Booze Inn Company.

Sue learned her trade at her fathers knee


For the liqueurs we use the finest ingrediensand drown them in a suitable alcohol then leave them for three months, shaking occasionallyl

A lot of the fruit is picked by Sue, in sunny Ken, after being used the fruit is frozen, ready to be turned into jams and preserves, next season.